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Cadbury-Hicks Cadbury-Hicks
Flat Pack Pete Hicks and Nick Magnus
N’Monix Nick Magnus
Children of Another God Nick Magnus
Hexameron Nick Magnus
Defector (Steve Hackett) Spectral Mornings (Steve Hackett) Flat Pack (Pete Hicks with Nick Magnus) 708090's Live Archive Box (Steve Hackett) The Show (Steve Hackett) Sentimental Institution (Steve Hackett)
Defector Steve Hackett
Spectral Mornings Steve Hackett
Live Archive Box Set Steve Hackett
The Show Steve Hackett
Sentimental Institution Steve Hackett
Winds of Change Dik Cadbury
About Time Dik Cadbury
Mystic Spirits v9 Various Artists
Purple Prose Lee Gobbi
Fairytales Can Come True Various Artists
Winds of Change (Dik Cadbury) About Time (Dik Cadbury) Mystic Spirits (Various Artists) Purple Prose (Lee Gobbi) Fairytales Can Come True (Various Artists)
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Catharsis Nick Magnus (Due 30/09/19)
Mystic Spirits v12 Various Artists
Mystic Spirits (Various Artists)