STEVE HACKETT Some 1979 Tour Photgraphs
Steve Hackett - Guitars, Vocals Nick Magnus - Keyboards John Hackett - Flute, Guitar, Bass Pedals Pete Hicks - Vocals Pete Hicks - Vocals John Shearer - Drums and Percussion Dik Cadbury - Bass, Guitar, Vocals Murray Hulme - Keyboards            (Unknown Photographer) Pete Hicks - Vocalist                       (Unknown Photographer) Martin Kearney - Guitar                 (Unknown Photographer) Dave Harris - Bass                          (Unknown Photographer) Robbie Dobson - Drums               (Unknown Photographer)
Murray Hulme (Keyboards), Martin Kearney (Guitars), Pete Hicks (Vocals), Robbie Dobson (Drums), Dave Harris (Bass)
TALL STORY 1981 … Whistle And I’ll Follow You, My Lad
Written   by   keyboard   player   Murray   Hulme,   ‘Whistle   and   I’ll   Follow   You,   My   Lad’   was   recorded   in   1981   at   Dik   Cadbury’s Millstream   Studio   in   Cheltenham.      It   was   produced   by   Paul   Cobbold,   who   was   the   resident   engineer   at   Rockfield Studios,   the   place   where   Queen   recorded   ‘Bohemian   Rhapsody’.      Interesting   facts      ...   Robbie   Dobson   was   in   both Autumn   and   The   Enid   with   Nick   Magnus.   When   Robbie   and   Dave   moved   on   they   were   replaced   by   George   Jackson   on drums and Tony Franklin - who later  became the bass-player with, amongst other bands, Whitesnake.
Clockwise from Left: Dik Cadbury (Bass and Vocals) Pete Nick Magnus (Keyboards) Steve Hackett (Guitar and Vocals) Pete John Shearer (Drums and Percussion) John Hackett (Flute and Guitar) Photographs: Lois Hicks
Whistle And I’ll Follow You, My Lad (Demo)